Sound Unmuffled

Spring arrived at long last. The warmth of the sun was the most obvious sign but I noticed the sounds. Without the white noise of rain falling and the cloud layer muffling everything, the sounds of nature re-emerged as surely as the budding leaves.

Early this morning there was the cry of a nestling crow hungry for breakfast. Later came flapping wings, branches rustling, the angry buzz of a fly temporarily caught in my hair. In the backyard I could hear the bees and once a hummingbird I looked for but couldn’t see.

Behind it all came the twittering talk and melodious songs of the birds.

Of course there were also the human sounds of spring. Children and dogs, screaming and barking, joyous to be out of doors could be heard all over the neighborhood. Less pleasant were the sounds of power mowers and edgers cutting the overgrown grass.

Being more aware of what I heard also made me aware of what I didn’t. I saw a chickadee land on the arbor by the drive out of the corner of my eye. When I didn’t hear the usual twitter I turned check it out. The little bird sat up there resting briefly but it couldn’t make a sound because its beak was full of moss.

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